Possibility of Checking heart disease with Smartphone


The mobile phone era has come a long way ever since the first mobile phone was produced, with the current cell phone evolution one can diagnose health-related issues.

When it comes to health, Blood clotting issues are very serious. If your blood is said to have under-clotted you might be at a risk of bleeding to death. If it over clots you might be at a high risk of heart attack.

Although medical practitioners can test for clotting, in other for them to do that a syringe full of your blood will be needed.  But with the development of more advanced smartphones such tests can be carried out in the comfort of your home.

It was said that Martin Cooper, the man who led the team that developed the first mobile phone - a beige-colored brick device with no buttons attach to it and no screen earlier this week said he is very sure that smartphones will soon become a monitoring tool for our health. 

Last year march 2022, an iPhone used to detect clotting in a single drop of blood by a scientist at the University of Washington.

The device Lidar(light detecting and ranging) sensor, which is said to have a pulsed beam to build a 3D image of the smartphone's Surroundings.

The technology is said to be the one that takes accurate measurements of objects to blend the real and virtual worlds with augmented reality. This technology can point out what a single piece of furniture can look like in your room and can also use to improve autofocus when capturing photos.

But it was noticed that the sensor is so much more precise to pick out coagulations in blood.

According to findings from researchers, they were able to differentiate between the coagulated and uncoagulated blood from tiny droplets placed on a glass slide.

In a recent research outcome, the team also made use of a vibration motor and smartphone camera to checkmate the movement of copper speck in a drop of blood to assess clotting.

Other research work also develops several techniques that can manipulate a smartphone camera to measure other health-related issues, such as blood pressure and the health of the heart.

Some research at various universities in Canada, China, and Zhejiang have also been developing algorithms that can pick up distinct changes in blood flows from self-shot videos using the front cameras of a smartphone

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