Melissa Ianitello family feud

melissa ianitello family feud


You may have heard of the trend Melissa Ianitello family feud. Melissa Ianitello is a young lady who went from a family feud on national television to fame and became a successful entrepreneur. 

Her transformation story is a story that one can actually learn something from.

Let’s take look at the journey of Melissa Ianitello and see what we can actually learn from it. We will also explore her success and failures and we can also create our own transformation journey, no matter the situations we find our self.

Melissa Ianitello’s Early Life and Background.

Well, it might surprise you that Melissa Ianitello's family didn't always support are singing career, she always has this dream of singing which are family never saw in her. She was seriously opposed by them.

Melissa’s early life was not that tough for her despite her family being immigrants from Italy, and her father as a decent job although he never really understood why his daughter wanted to pursue a career in arts. Although her mother was more supportive compared to her father, she passed away when Melissa was just eighteen years old

Melissa Ianitello family feud

The death of her mother really triggered her enthusiasm into focusing on her music career, she began performing at local restaurants and clubs.  She quickly gained a lot of attention and was featured on a Feud family national TV show. 

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The rest they say is history. She became a successful entrepreneur and one of the most sensational singers in the country. Her story is likely to be linked to patience and determination, she always has the determination in her to be successful.

Melissa Ianitello Family Feud

Most of us can recall Melissa Ianitello from Family Feud. Melissa was one of the contestants who eventually made it to the final round of the competition. And lost after her family was unable to answer a question, titled ‘What are bugs attracted to?’

melissa ianitello family feud

That does not stop her from becoming who she truly wants to be, she later became the host of her own show which she changed to a game where contestants have the chance to win money for their favorite charity organizations.

It hasn’t been easy for her, she has her own difficult moments in life. But she was always determined to become successful which she eventually achieved. 

Melissa Ianitello’s post-family Feud career.

Might have not heard or Recognized Melissa’s name, but her work has been put on display.

After appearing in the National TV show Family Feud in 2009, Melissa made a choice to pursue a career in design which she eventually started by creating beautiful logos and designs for small businesses, it was not long before it caught the attention of top brands in the industry.

Currently, Melissa's works have been featured in many magazines like Elle and Vanity Fair, she has also worked on music covers from top music brands in the industry. She is also among one of the most sought-graphic designs in her locality.

Regardless of her loss in the Family Feud Tv show, Melissa has come a long way, she has proved that anything is possible as long as you believe in yourself and stay focused. 

Melissa Ianitello’s Philanthropic work

In case you are not aware of this, Melisa Ianitello is a philanthropist. 

Melissa came up with the idea of helping others, after her family’s appearance on the Family Feud show in 2009.  She came up with the Melissa Ianitello Foundation, which provides grants for individuals and non-profit organizations that her dedication to helping homeless children.

To date, Melissa’s foundation has donated over $1 million to charities all over the world. She is also advocated for childhood cancer research, and she has worked tirelessly to raise funds to finance this cause.

It is quite obvious that Melissa Ianitello is a woman who has a heart of love, she has clearly used are fame and fortune to make a difference in the world.

So what's next for Melissa Ianitello? 

Melissa Ianitello and what the features Hold for her.

So what does the feature hold for Melissa Ianitello? We are more excited to know that she has conquered one of the biggest fear of being famous. She has used her influence to prove to the world that she can handle anything that comes her away. 

She has proven that she is ready to put herself at the forefront to help others. She is an incredible person, with a heart filled with love and we can wait to see her create more beautiful memories in the heart of people.


After our great loss in the Family Feud TV show. She started gaining more followers and offers from other reality shows.  She met with some production and reality tv companies who eventually decided to work with her. 

The show followed Melissa and her family as they moved upstate from New York City to Los Angeles. This alone prompts her to start a new chapter in life. The family feud show made Melissa Mantello a household name.

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