Why is it important to spend 15 minutes with your child?

Why is it important to spend 15 minutes with your child?

why is it important to spend 15 minutes with your child on an issue that needs to be addressed, spending quality time with your kids plays an important role in their growth physically and mentally.

Most times it can be very stressful when our schedules are been arranged or packed, most especially when sports and school activities are added to the mix.

 Most parents worry about the negative outcome of them not being able to spend time with their kids. These thoughts are most times very correct as they always have an after infect on the child's present and future

Why is it important to spend 15 minutes with your child?

Setting aside quality time with your kids even if it is just 15 - 20 minute can create a vast infect on the child's life, this automatically also increase the bond with your child. spending time with your kids does not only increase your bond with your kids, it also improves their sense of humor, but it also brings out their courage and confidence.

A lot of Parents are victims of this circumstance as we do tend to cover up using our jobs and busy schedules. below are some tips on why is it important to spend 15 minutes with your child.

Tips on why is it important to spend 15 minutes with your child.

1.) Setting up a Specific time for Fun.

Setting a specific fun time for kids has a great effect, always remember that quality is far better than quantity. Dedicating 10 - 15 minutes of undivided attention to your kids can create a huge impact on them. This makes them more secure and seeks less attention during the day. below are some methods that can help you spend your 15-minute fun time with kids.

- Turn off your phone

-Try not to have the tv on in the background

-If possible schedule special play time with one kid at a time

-Ask them questions about how they feel.

2. Include it in your routine

Most families always spend some quality time after dinner, some after school, and others in the morning. this does not really matter how you tend to carry out your playtime with your kids. 

Why is it important to spend 15 minutes with your child?

putting this into practice by implementing it always gives your kids the possibility to expect a time each day to always get that affection and appreciation and this also makes them feel how much you truly love them. this also makes them understand and rest when they notice you are having a stressful day.

3. Allow your kids to choose the Activity

You know most times it is really boring playing with kids mostly those that like playing with toys and Candyland. this experience is about you building that child, by allowing them to choose what interests them. this method also makes them feel that you appreciate their choices.

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4. learn about your child (Observe them): 

Most parents are been caught up in the quest of always trying to provide for the family, always too busy to notice what is going on around their kids. Out of necessity, who really takes time to observe our kids, we forgot entirely to even notice the change in them. 

Observing and learning about your kids plays an important role in their lives and yours as their parent. most times the past always comes after us in the future. learn to observe your kids, see what makes them happy, discover their greatest fear, and encourage them to overcome it, so how excited they are about spending time with you.

5. Learn to Adore them

this point is very important, most parents don't appreciate their kids, this plays an important role in their life as it will always scare them away from you. if your child has some behavioural difficulties, special play time is not the time to start judging or correcting your child, most times we keep comparing our kids to others, every kid has its own unique personality in them.

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So appreciate them for who they are and stop insulting them in the presence of their friend. appreciating your kids gives them the courage to the more, it motivates them that some actually believe it, and this in turn brings out the best in them.

How much time should you spend with the child?

While the Family Peace Foundation recommends at least eight minutes each day of one-on-one time with each child, Dr. Pruett emphasizes how important this time is for children under the age of five. 

“Children grow at such a rapid pace, particularly their brains, spending more time with them helps to build them into who they we actually become.

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